Sponsorship Opportunities


1.  MakeItSafe MIS is at the core of incident prevention in Barbados.


The MIS events team organises events throughout the year. As a player in the safety and health industry, we are thrilled to offer you opportunities to collaborate with us by sponsoring or presenting at one of our upcoming events.


All our income is ploughed back into our mission – funding activities including campaigning, injury, training and research data collection. By working with MakeItSafe your money goes further; not only are you gaining direct access to decision-making contacts, but you will be also helping to reduce injuries and save lives.


Sponsorship Opportunities are essential for MIS to secure resources, funding, and support to conduct our mission effectively. Below are sponsorship opportunities specifically tailored for MIS:


1.  Corporate Sponsorship:

We are seeking sponsorship from corporations or businesses that align with MIS’s mission and values. Corporate sponsors can supply financial support, in-kind donations, or resources that enable MIS to deliver its programs and services effectively.


2.  Safety Product or Service Sponsorship:

We are seeking Partnerships with companies that offer safety-related products or services. These sponsors can supply safety equipment, technology, software, or training resources that enhance MIS’s ability to promote safety or deliver safety programs.


3.  Event Sponsorship:

We can organize safety-focused events such as conferences, workshops, or seminars, and seek sponsorship from relevant companies or organizations. Sponsors can contribute funding, venue support, promotional aid, or speakers for these events, enhancing their impact and reach.


4.  Awareness Campaign Sponsorship:

We develop safety awareness campaigns and initiatives targeting specific safety issues and invite sponsors to support and fund these efforts. Sponsors can contribute financial resources, media support, or marketing ability to help raise awareness and drive engagement with our campaign.


5.  Research and Development Sponsorship:

MIS collaborates with industry partners, research institutions, or technology companies that share an interest in safety research and development. Sponsors can supply funding or resources for research projects, technological innovations, or pilot programs that advance safety practices and knowledge.


6.  Grant Sponsorship:

Mis will apply for grants and seek sponsorships from foundations, government agencies, or charitable organizations that supply funding specifically for safety-related initiatives. We will research and find grant opportunities that align with MIS’s mission and activities.


7.  Community Outreach Sponsorship:

We will Engage local businesses and community organizations as sponsors for community outreach programs focused on safety education, training, or awareness. Sponsors can contribute funds, volunteers, or in-kind support to help MIS reach a wider audience and make a positive impact in the community.


8.  Media Partnership Sponsorship:

We shall collaborate with media outlets, radio stations, or online platforms to secure sponsorship or in-kind support for safety-related content, publications, or media campaigns. Sponsors can supply advertising space, production resources, or editorial support, enabling MIS to give safety information effectively.


9.  Employee Engagement Sponsorship:

We actively encourage corporations to sponsor employee engagement programs focused on safety. Sponsors can supply financial support or resources to help MIS deliver safety training, workshops, or volunteer opportunities for employees, promoting safety awareness within the workplace.


The MIS team creates an impact in all their work, there are many benefits of sponsorship, and aligning brands with MIS’s safety mission. It is important to set up mutually beneficial partnerships that help further MIS’s goals while supplying value to the sponsors.


MIS can tailor sponsorship to suit your aims and budget.

Below are the types of benefits an event sponsor could expect to receive:


1    Pre-event promotional opportunity:

  • Branding on the event booking form used in web-based and direct mail campaigns,
  • Linked logo and 100-word company profile on MakeItSafe’s website,
  • Coverage of the sponsorship in event-related press releases that cover a wide range of media platforms,
  • Branding on event adverts carried in MakeItSafe’s safety and health releases.


2    On-site promotional opportunities:

  • On-site branding, on-stage and in-delegate registration/refreshment area,
  • A4 company profile in the delegate information pack,
  • Literature inserts of your choice will be placed in each delegate information pack,
  • 3m x 2m exhibition stand, found in a prime location to network with delegates. Includes one table and two chairs, one electric socket, refreshments, and lunch for two exhibitors,
  • Two complimentary delegate places, for use by staff or as an incentive for clients,
  • Speaker opportunity.


3    Post-event promotional opportunities:

  • Following the event, you will be sent with full contact information for the event delegates, to allow for your follow-up promotional activity (excluding those who have opted out through MIS data protection).


Exhibitor Packages

Exhibiting is a fantastic way to interact with your target market. Benefits may include:


  • Linked logo and 75-word company profile on MakeItSafe’s website,
  • 250-word company profile in the delegate information pack,
  • 3m x 2m exhibition stand, found in a prime location to network with delegates. Includes one table and two chairs, one electric socket, refreshments, and lunch for two exhibitors,
  • Two complimentary delegate places, for use by staff or as an incentive for clients.


Typical delegate profile

MakeItSafe’s events attract senior managers, and safety and health professionals. Promoting your organisation at our events supplies access to key corporate decision-makers.


Sponsorship opportunities can be highly beneficial for both MIS and potential sponsors. Below are the key advantages of sponsorship:


Brand Exposure:

Sponsorship supplies an excellent platform to increase brand exposure and visibility. By associating with an MIS event, sponsors can reach a wider audience, including the target market of the sponsored entity. This exposure can lead to increased brand recognition, awareness, and recall among consumers.


Targeted Marketing:


Sponsoring MIS allows sponsors to reach specific demographics or target markets aligned with their products or services. By selecting sponsorship opportunities that align with their brand values and target audience, sponsors can effectively tailor their marketing messages and engage with a receptive and relevant consumer base.


Positive Brand Image:

MIS events and initiatives are well-regarded and have a positive impact on society and can enhance a sponsor’s brand image. MIS has a reputable, socially responsible cause that can generate goodwill, strengthen consumer belief, and foster brand loyalty. Sponsors can use this positive brand image to differentiate themselves from competitors.


Networking and Relationship Building:

MIS Sponsorship often involves participation in events, conferences, or industry gatherings where sponsors can network with other organisations, industry leaders, and key stakeholders. These networking opportunities can lead to valuable business connections, partnerships, and collaborations that may help sponsors beyond the first sponsorship arrangement.


Experiential Marketing:

Sponsoring MIS events or experiences provides sponsors with opportunities for experiential marketing. Sponsors can engage with attendees directly through product demonstrations, interactive booths, samples, or other experiential activations. This direct engagement can create memorable experiences and foster stronger brand connections.


Community Engagement:

Sponsorship allows sponsors to actively contribute to their communities or support causes they are enthusiastic about. By investing in MIS events, or community initiatives, sponsors can show their commitment to social responsibility and community development. This can enhance brand loyalty and foster a positive reputation among consumers.


Media Coverage and PR Opportunities:

Sponsorship of MIS will attract media attention, leading to increased media coverage and PR opportunities for sponsors. News outlets, social media platforms, and other media channels may highlight the sponsorship, supplying added exposure and credibility for the sponsor’s brand.


Measurement and ROI:

MIS Sponsorship can be quantifiable and measurable, as Sponsors can evaluate the success of their investment by tracking metrics such as brand impressions, website traffic, social media engagement, lead generation, or sales attributed to the sponsorship. This data allows sponsors to assess the return on their sponsorship investment and make informed decisions for future sponsorships.


MIS is seeking sponsors with aligned: aims, target audience, and brand values, to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your business aims and how the above packages could be tailored to best meet them.



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