We are building long-lasting and Cooperative Partnerships.


MakeItSafe’s (MIS) strategy is to build partnerships with other stakeholders in the safety field to encourage new ways of thinking and spread knowledge on good Safety Practices.

If you are an organisation with an ambition to go beyond safety quality and become a standard in safety and health, we encourage you to reach out to us.


A strategic partnership with MIS offers organisations the opportunity to collaborate with us to develop and deliver customised projects that not only support MIS’s goals but also truly stimulate and promote change and help create lasting legacies.


For MIS, collaborating with partners is a crucial way to achieve lasting policy change and create a Safer Barbados for everyone.


What is Working in Partnership?

Partnerships are vital to the way we work. We work with other organisations that help us strive towards achieving our goal of ‘Life, free from serious incidental injury.’


Our partnerships will have a vast reach, from organisations and companies within the Caribbean. All our partners will have one common goal which is to do something new, different, and better than before, to improve health and safety.


The relationships we will build with our partners will allow us to develop evidence-based interventions that keep Road Users, Workers, and their Families happy and safe.


Why Partnerships are Essential

Every day worldwide, people die because of occupational, road incidents or work-related issues– more than 2.78 million deaths per year. Additionally, there are 374 million non-fatal work-related injuries each year, resulting in more than 4 days of absences from work. The human cost of this daily adversity is vast, and the economic burden of poor occupational safety and health practices is estimated at 3.94% of the global Gross Domestic Product each year.


Incidents do not Just Happen!

We are proud to be at the heart of incident prevention in Barbados, working to stop the needless loss and devastation that incidents cause to individuals, families, communities, businesses, and society.


We are the only Barbadian Association to work across workplace health and safety, road, home, leisure, and education safety, by promoting the exchange of life-improving skills and knowledge.


Why Partnerships are Developed

Our Partnerships are set up with organisations that value and share our guiding values and principles. Tailored projects are created to meet and reflect both organisations’ ambition to go beyond Safety Brilliance.


Our long-term partnerships will allow both organisations to develop safety approaches that deliver, influence, and affect various agencies, within Barbados.


Get in touch!

Interested in collaborating with us as a partner? Our Partnerships are proven with organisations that value and share our guiding values and principles. Tailored projects are created to meet and reflect both organisations’ ambition to go beyond Safety Brilliance.


Start your journey with us today by contacting our Partnerships department.


In Summary

Collaborating with safety partners can lead to benefits and enable us to conduct much more in terms of promoting safety and mitigating risks. Here are some reasons why working with MIS Safety Partners is helpful:


Expertise and Knowledge:

Safety partners often bring specialised knowledge, expertise, and experience in specific areas of safety. By partnering with them, MIS can tap into their deep understanding of safety practices, regulations, and industry standards. This collaboration allows MIS to benefit from their insights and best practices, helping us enhance our safety measures.


Shared Resources:

Working with safety partners can supply access to added resources and tools that may be otherwise unavailable or costly to get independently. This can include safety equipment, training materials, research data, or even funding opportunities. By pooling our resources, we can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in addressing safety challenges.


Networking and Relationships:

Collaborating with safety partners helps expand our network and build relationships within the safety community. This can lead to valuable connections with other organizations, government agencies, industry experts, and stakeholders. These relationships can foster knowledge sharing, support, and collaboration on common safety goals.


Comprehensive Approach:

Safety partners often have diverse perspectives and areas of focus within the safety domain. By working together, we can take a more comprehensive approach to safety, covering a wider range of hazards, risks, and mitigation strategies. This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood of showing potential issues and implementing effective solutions.


Shared Responsibility:

Safety is a collective responsibility, and partnering with like-minded organizations shows our commitment to promoting safety beyond our individual capabilities. By joining forces, we can collaborate on initiatives, campaigns, and advocacy efforts that have a broader impact on safety awareness, education, and implementation.


Continuous Improvement:

Collaborating with safety partners encourages continuous improvement by fostering an environment of shared learning and feedback. By exchanging ideas, experiences, and lessons learned, we can show areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance safety performance and outcomes.


Overall, working with safety partners amplifies our efforts, expands our knowledge base, and increases the impact of our safety initiatives. By embracing collaboration and using the collective strength of multiple organizations, we can achieve greater advancements in safety practices and create safer environments for everyone involved.


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